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Current classics concert
Array Ensemble performs music by Jean Derome, Jan-Bas Bolen + Walter Zimmerman

7 PM Friday, April 24

The Array Ensemble performs with guest percussionist Jim Pugliese (New York) and (multi-instrumentalist) Jean Derome:

- Spectacles by Canadian musique actuelle instigator and doyen Jean Derome is an improvisational game written for an indeterminate number of performers that can be performed by improvisers from various time-based arts, including music, dance and theatre. This playful, yet rigorous, work combines elements of flow, register, speed and tone in its myriad forms.

- The world premiere of Square Time, a work written for Array by Netherlands artist Jan-Bas Bollen, who will be on hand for the performance; ; through its precisely placed, sparse, fragile events, Square Time evokes a collective organic intelligence that is determined to tell its story.

- Randonee 1: Northwest Passage by Walter Zimmermann, also a story, tells a narrative of heroic endeavor, evading straight passage, slicing through narrative fissures, frozen, crystalline, artic; Array featured the work on its critically-acclaimed ArrayLive CD.

Co-founder of Ambiance Magnétique and a true musical leader who redefines what we understand music to be, composer / multi-instrumentalist / improviser Jean Derome also knows how to share creatively intense power between the composer, conductor and players and is that rarest of composers who attaches absolute importance to the roles of the interpreter and the instrumentalist.

Jan-Bas Bollen is a visionary composer, sound designer, performance artist and violinist who explores multi-media music with video presentations, uses electronics to broaden his sound palette, composes on the computer, and works frequently with dancers and choreographers. He has performed mostly stage and chamber works, won many honors and prizes and has been performed by groups around the world.

Violinist / pianist / composer Walter Zimmermann is one of the most inventive composers writing German music today. He has been instrumental, through his Beginner Studio, in supporting a wide range of other musics and in introducing American composers to Europe. Some have said that Zimmermann, with his explorations of the transcendental in music and combining pitches with rhythms using charts, continues to explore an aesthetic that John Cage initiated in the 1950s, then abandoned.